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Can Dogs And Cats Get H1N1?

Can dogs get H1N1? As it turns out, yes dogs can get a strain of the virus and it may be coming here to the USA.  In fact, it may already be here.  The American Medical Veterinary Association reported last month that a cat in Iowa had contacted the H1N1 virus. Since that point in time, two

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Hot Spots And How to Treat Them

Hot Spots First let me say if you are the least bit unsure of what you are doing please conslut you local vet. Your dogs health is at stake !!! When you think of hot spots you may think about the beach, mountains or other vacation destinations. For our beloved canine friends having hot spots […]

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Dog Days of Summer

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The Dog Days of Summer are fast approaching. It is a time for both you and your pets to enjoy the sunshine and freedom of the great outdoors. We all love this time of year, especially taking our best friends out for a drive or visit to the local park. While taking advantage of this […]

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Yorkshire Terriers

History: The Yorkshire Terrier was originally a product of crossing different small breeds in Yorkshire, England, which is also why the breed has the name it does.

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