Give Your Pet The Freedom It Needs

Safe, Affordable and It's Guaranteed !!!

More Than Just A Dog Fence

It's Peace of Mind For You, Safety and Freedom for Your Pet

Large or Small, We Contain Them All

Each System is Customized to Meet You and Your Pets Needs

Who Would You Trust To Contain Your Dog. Just A Fence Company Or A Professional Dog Trainer ??

If you are looking for Triad dog Fence to contain your pet you must ask yourself the question, Who would I trust to safely contain my dog ?
There are a lot of cheap systems on the market today as well as fence companies who would gladly install a fence but who have really no knowledge of what electronic fencing is all about !

Contain-A-Pet of the Triad is different than any other dog fence company. There is a lot more to dog fencing and training than just shocking your dog. Many companies use this method and really have no understanding of dog behavior !

Call us Today! Find out just why a professional dog trainer will make all the difference in the world when it comes to Pet Containment. 722-3900 or 272-0598

Contain-A-Pet of of the Triad sends a certified practicing dog trainer to train you and your pet to the fence. In fact, we are the only dog fence company in the Triad that are practicing dog trainers. We evaluate each and every pet based on their personality and temperament to insure a fast, humane and safe adjustment to your system.

It's safe, quick and easy. In no time your dog will be running happily in his yard and you will be enjoying your new found freedom !

Contain-A-Pet of the Triad is confident that we can help your dog (or cat) that we offer a full one year money back containment guarantee on every Contain-A-Pet dog fence installed. All we ask is that you follow our guidelines. We are the first and the only underground dog fence company in the industry to offer such a guarantee.

Give us a chance to meet you and your dog. Let us show you what we can do to improve the quality of your lives. No obligation. No pressure.

Call Today at 722-3900 or 272-0598. Your dog will be glad you did !!