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Stamps To The Rescue – Pet Adoption Postal Stamps Released

Beginning today, the United States Postal Service is releasing 10 new first class 44 cent stamp depicting adopted dogs and cats.  The stamps are called Animal Rescue – Adopt a Shelter Pet.  They will be showcased in 20 stamp booklets and have 10 different designs. The US Postal Service is hoping to raise awareness of the

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Dog Jumping Fence? Here Is What To Do

Is your dog jumping fence?  There are literally thousands of canine escape artists out there.  Every day some poor owner is having to take off of work, apologize to the neighbors or spend half the day (or night) looking for their dog again.  All because the fence they spent hundreds or thousands of dollars to

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Dog Cloning. What Do You Think?

Dog cloning is in the national news again. Lancelot, a yellow labrador retriever puppy has been delivered to a couple in Boca Raton this week

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